Car Tunes started as a small store front on the top of High Street in Morgantown W.V. in 1970. Over time it has evolved into an employee owned company by J&G Enterprises. At Car Tunes you are not only talking to salesman with a vast knowledge of the 12-volt industry, you are also talking to the technician that will be performing the installation. The entire staff at Car Tunes is installers by trade. This ensures that you will be sold the correct equipment at the right price. You rarely have any contact with the most important person involved in this transaction, the installer. Installers are the ones that know what will fit into your vehicle. At Car Tunes our staff will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Car Tunes has a very educated staff of experienced installers/salesmen.

Craig Lough - Window Tinter with 25 years experience

Wes Miller - Installer with 17 years experience

Alex Gorby - Installer